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Thread: feeeding mollies

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    feeeding mollies


    i want to know how many or how often should i feed my oscar fish live mollies my source is very good they are well kept and i've been QTining them they all seem fine and the oscar loves to eat them but i'm not sure how much, he eats pellets, peas and tries flakes once a while i gave him shrimp the other day (boiled) he was crazy for it
    I've been bredding these mollyes for some time now and have some fry in a big net nursery

    any help will be apretiated

    Oscar fish name: Challenger (mopar) 4 1/2 '' almost 5''
    55 gal
    he's been with me for a couple of months now so he is my first cichlid

    no pictures yet my camera took a crap Click here to enlarge

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    I have 2 Tiger Oscars, I feed them Rosie reds once a week, I will toss in about 12 of them they have them all gone in about 1 minute. I was told you can feed them live food more than once a week, but I like to vary their diet and feed them more veggies and dried foods.
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    once a week is good for them a varied diet is best

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    feeding mollies is not tough job at all you can feed them easily
    there are many points comes n your mind while feeding mollies
    > how many times to feed?
    > how to feed?
    > what to feed?
    > how to make food for them at home to give delicious treat them

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