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Thread: Opinions on UnderSand Jet System for 125 Gallon (includes build list.

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    Opinions on UnderSand Jet System for 125 Gallon (includes build list.

    Hey guys, I wanted to get some opinions, feedback, etc. on one of the custom things I have made for my 125 Gallon Tank. My main filtration will be done using a Fluval FX6 but I made this under sand jet system which I hope will help keep the sand from settling and having air pockets. It is all 1/2" PVC and the pump is a KEDSUM 660GPH Submersible Pump which cost me only $20.99 from Amazon. All in this project including pump and all PVC Straight Tubing and Fittings was less than $30 total.

    **Some advice for newbies when it comes to PVC Straight Tubing. Never, ever buy the 2 foot lengths from Home Depot. A full 10 foot length of PVC is cheaper than buying one single 2 foot length of precut PVC. Buy the 10 foot length & cut it yourself. You will save a ton of money!

    For a tank measuring 72" x 18" you will need the following.

    (2x) 10' Lengths of 1/2" PVC
    (4x) 90 Fittings 1/2" PVC
    (7x) Tee Fittings 1/2" PVC

    5x 16" Lengths
    8x 17" Lengths
    1x 6" - 12" Length (depending how low or high you want your pump.)

    Depending on your pump chosen you will have to cut one of the above lengths and insert a Tee Fitting.

    **NOTE: Keep in mind that you want the pump fully submerged even when doing water changes so you want to keep it in the lower 1/2 of the tank.



    Let me know what you think.

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    Interesting idea. I would think that the smaller the pump, the better so sand isn't permanently suspended in the water ?

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