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Thread: 125 Trim removal/bracing

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    125 Trim removal/bracing

    I have searched and found ridiculous amounts of conflicting information so I figured I'd help muddy up the search engines further.

    I picked up a used 125g today. 72"x18"x21". Manufactured Sept 1999. Glass is 3/8" and is marked as tempered do not drill.

    I want to completely do away with the trim. I plan on installing a corner Mattenfilter. I do plan on bracing the aquarium. I would like to only use braces spanning the width of the aquarium for price and ease of sourcing the material.

    Would I be ok with two braces 4"x18"x3/8" tempured on two foot centers? Should I use more? Can I go thinner than 4"? What about braces for the bottom? So lost, so many differing answers. Help me please?

    TL;DR Help me convert a 125g to trimless

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    I am doing about the same concept but on a smaller 75 gal tank that I got for 30 bucks. To tag along I was only inquiring on bracing the bottom. Once the plastic trim has been removed, do i need to make new braces for the bottom of the tank or will that be strong enough to hold without one.

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