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Thread: Please help: sick Betta

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    Please help: sick Betta

    My Betta is showing signs of being sick. He is extremely lethargic, not eating, stays very close to the surface against the intake area of the tank and just today I noticed what looks like some tiny pin hole size lesions near his nose. Please see photos attached. His tank is a3 gallon Fluval Spec (filtered but with an extremely low flow), it's heated and a recent water test appears too be within good to acceptable range. For two days I've been treating him with "Microbe-lift Artemiss natural expellent for bacterial diseases" (I've removed the activated carbon since adding the medication to his water). I'm assuming as of today that maybe it's Hole in the Head Disease, but I am not completely certain. PLEASE can anyone suggest better treatment or advise on another course of treatment?
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    Looks like HITH to me. Usual causes are poor water quality (can be caused by poor flow) and improper feeding. If it were me, I would immediately do a "major" water change or possibly move the fish to another (better filtered/flow) tank. Make sure you are feeding "proper" Beta food and not some "fits all" food.

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