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Thread: East Coast Glass Suppliers

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    East Coast Glass Suppliers

    I'm currently working on designing and pricing out a 450 gallon plywood reef tank. I'm struggling a bit trying to find glass suppliers other than I'm looking for someone who can sell me 7'x3'x3/4" glass sheets within a half day's drive of Northern VA (I'd prefer to rent a uhaul than pay shipping). I'd love it if it was tempered but recognize that's probably not possible.

    The few glass suppliers I found who could sell a sheet like that wanted well in excess of $50 a square foot. I'm at a loss of where to look. I definitely want to go with new glass cut to size rather than trying to repurpose someone's old tank and make it work. Alibaba has glass but I have no desire to pay freight on that and wouldn't trust any glass I bought through them. Can anyone help me?

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    Yellow pages?

    I would try to get is delivered from a local place if possible, save yourself the hassle and liability of transporting it yourself...

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