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Thread: 55 gal from gravel to planted with sand

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    55 gal from gravel to planted with sand

    I have a 55 gal. tank running a fluval 306 filter, with 1 medium/large angel fish,2 medium angel fish and 3 small angel fish and a smallish pleco. It currently had about 25 lbs of black gravel in it and 6 or 7 fake plants, and 1 live plant. I know the tank desperately needs more substrate. (from everything that I have heard it needs roughly 1 lb of substrate per gallon) what I want to know is how would I convert this tank from gravel to a dirtied tank with a sand cap? I want to do a variety of live plants (I want the plants to have lots of color) also what plants would you recommend?

    Projects I plan on doing with this tank
    1) build a stand. (it is currently on a roughly 24" stand and it really cant be seen from any where in the room unless you are sitting directly in front of it.)
    2) build a hood. (if for no other reason but just to keep the cats out of it as it currently has no hood.)
    3) I would like to try to build a lighting system. What I want is similar to the fluval sea marine & reef 3.0 spectrum led light fixture available at Dr. foster and smith web site

    if there are any recommendations on any of these projects I would appreciate it.
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