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Thread: DIY 4ft Simple Metal Stand

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    DIY 4ft Simple Metal Stand

    Here is one of my latest stands, The idea of this one was to be simple and easy to make but still look half presentable. I used 50mmx50mm square galvanized tube with a wall thickness of 2mm, after fabricating it I took it down the paint shop to get powder coated, then it was a trip to hardware shop to get some hard wood, I used very small L shaped brackets inside to keep the panels flush with the frame, the side panels are screwed in to the L brackets, the front panel is a snug fit but I was going to originally put magnets on the inside of the wood so it would stick to the L brackets, but its not needed at this stage so L brackets act as stopper for the front panel. I still have to put a handle on the front for it to be completed. I just wanted to show that it doesn't require much effort to make a metal stand and make it look some what presentable, The fabricating took about 2 hours, the powder coating was done the next day after I dropped it off, The cutting out of the wood and screwing in the brackets took about an hour.



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    Beautiful............well done.....Click here to enlarge

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