I'm part of a senior capstone design team building a fish farming prototype. It's going to be a custom built 1600 gallon tank with a 1x turnover rate (1600 GPH). I've been researching how to design the water recirculation system for weeks now in aquarium forums.

(I know it sounds crazy, but...) The design of the tank we are utilizing allows us to house a large amount of shrimp per square meter, so we plan on feeding an average of 8 lb's of fish food a day. This is going to create a large amount of fish waste, and we intend to use a radial flow filter to handle the largest settleable solids. My concern is that the typical diy design with a 55 gallon plastic drum isn't going to cut it for out application since we don't want to be out there everyday emptying the solids. Therefore, can we resort to use multiple 55 gallon drums or maybe order a larger tank that has a cone-bottom. I have found a website that sells these tanks from 30 gallons all the way up to 500 gallons. I figure an 80 gallon tank might make more sense for our application.

Let me know what you guys think, and thank you!