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Thread: 75 Gal Tank using a 30 gal Sump Pump

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    Question 75 Gal Tank using a 30 gal Sump Pump

    Hello Fishkeepers,

    I was hoping to get a little help and advice on this. I currently have a 75 gallon tank and was thinking of building DIY Sump pump from a 30 gal tank. I wanted to make sure this would be enough for that tank? My next question is I wanna do a fluidized sump pump but unsure how much K1 or K2 media I should use for the 30 gal sump pump im going to make? (Not sure if to use K1 or K2). Never built a sump pump so doing plenty of research so any advice or tricks are greatly appreciated.

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    Just "my" opinions......and...... I "only" use HOB Filters due to space limitations w/my tanks......A 30 gallon sump should be more than adequate for a 75 gallon tank provided you have a not-too-heavy fish load. Flow rates are always subject to change based on fish-load.

    K1/K2 media are actually (IMHO) quite similar and, if it were me, I'd be filling the chamber about 5/8 full of media to insure proper movement of that media while filtering. The media should be filled so that it is always moving in a circular (bottom to top) pattern. Filling the sump with too much K1/K2 might impede desired movement so, not knowing your pump(s) configuration, your quantity of media is probably subject to change. (I would eyeball it.....Click here to enlarge)

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