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Thread: Sci-grip 4 cement - When safe for pets?

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    Sci-grip 4 cement - When safe for pets?

    I'm making 1500 square inch hamster cage out of acrylic and Sci-grip 4 cement along what I learned from how you guys make acrylic aquariums. It'll look like a big shallow frag tank but only use 1/4 inch acrylic. Do you folks consider Sci-grip pet safe after it dries or have some specific rules to follow?

    I was leaning towards a 48-72 hour dry time followed by rinsing it out with water before I put fluffy in it.

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    Scigrip/Weldon should be perfectly safe for pets once it has had time to cure/evaporate, generally giving it 24-48 hours to cure is a safe bet...

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