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Thread: Possible 65 Gal Community Setup

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    Possible 65 Gal Community Setup

    Hey everyone!

    First post, be gentle. I am looking to do a 65 gallon planted high tech Angel tank. In the tank I want to have the following:

    5 Angels
    2 Blue rams
    2 Clown Loach
    2 Albino BNPleco
    10 Cardinals or Gold longfin danios

    Is this too much? Would I be better off with a 75? Was thinking the 65 due to the extra height.

    I have done quite a bit of research on this, the only thing that may not work it seems is the Rams. But really would like that color profile. If the Rams work I will go with Cardinals.

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    i thank that when it comes to tank size bigger is always better "Up To A Point" for water quality. if your floor is solid the extra 80lb should not be a problem.

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    Many people don't like 55/65 tanks for planting as their shallow width doesn't allow much room for much scaping...

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    I got lucky and stumbled upon my 65g. Thought I would have to buy a new one with the same footprint as a 40g breeder... 36"Wx18"Dx24"H

    65 front.jpg

    65 end.jpg

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