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Thread: Clean and disinfect inside of used acrylic aquarium

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    Clean and disinfect inside of used acrylic aquarium

    Used 125G acrylic tank, been in my garage with I built stand. What and how can I clean (ring marks from suction cups) and disinfect before startup.

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    For the suction cup rings, you can try using white vinegar and elbow grease and see if you can get them to go away, if not you might want to invest in a 3 step plastic polish kit like Novus ( ) and buff those areas out.

    As for disinfecting, if you feel it's really necessary, fill the tank with water and pour in a gallon of unscented bleach for your sized tank, let it sit for 24 hours then empty and rinse well...

    Usually when I tank a tank out of storage, I simply wipe it down with a 1/4 cup to one gallon mixture of warm water and unscented bleach, followed by a good rinse and anther wash down with white vinegar, rinse and then let air dry...

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