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Thread: DIY siphon-less vac

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    DIY siphon-less vac

    HI not sure if I have the right title. I am looking to essentially make a stronger eheim vac pro. Its a gravel vac that removes debris without water. I several large tanks with swirl filters. I really want an option to remove the debri without draining the water out. The tanks are on a drip and cleaning these filters is no easy task. I drain on the bottom that doesn't seem to do the trick and now I manually siphon them which is very messy due to tight space and a shallow sump.
    Any ideas? The best I can think off is running a large filstar to suck the debris up and return it but think will be cumbersome.


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    Get a small Chinese canister filter, fill it with just filter floss, then use it as a vacuum returning the water right back to the tank... Use the 'vacuum' end off a cheap Chinese siphon filter so you can avoid sucking up gravel and such...

    You could also do a similar setup with a small powerhead or pond pump, and a filter sock (or on the cheap nylon stocking) on the output...

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