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Thread: Acrylic sheet shipping?

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    Acrylic sheet shipping?

    Anyone that has ordered 1/2 or 1 inch acrylic can you please answer this for me?
    How is it packaged? Do they ship full 4x8 sheets in cardboard or on pallets?
    I'm trying to figure out why the costs are so high. I have shipped pallets halfway across the country for the price they want to ship one sheet.

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    It will generally come curbside truck freight, meaning the truck will pull up to your location on the road and you will have to unload it yourself... Sometimes the driver will help but most of the time they are not obligated to help at all... So have the people and equipment necessary to remove the sheets from the truck ready in either case... Generally one or two sheets will encased in a custom made wood crate, as your order more sheets they might be flat palleted...

    As for price, an industry standard pallet is optimally sized for shipping and non nonsense forklift loading/unloading as well as fitment in trucks, the same can't be said for a 4x8 sheet in a custom sized wood crate that is shipped 'fragile' and requires special handling... Also the company you are ordering from is likely charging quite a bit extra in 'handling' charges to make that crate and because they would much rather sell flat skids of 20+ sheets to a distributor then deal with the trouble of selling and shipping single sheets...

    Honestly your best bet is to generally contact local sign and/or plastics dealers and arrange for local purchase and delivery through them, even though they charge more for the sheet it's almost always cheaper and less trouble in the end...

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