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Thread: pond baskets for plants

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    pond baskets for plants

    I am going to add some pothos and other plants to my tanks. I plan on using pond baskets cut into the lid and keep the plant in that. I do want something in the basket to support them. I was thinking about using cut up filter sponge to stuff it. Any other thoughts on media/substrate to use?

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    I believe most people just use aquarium gravel or hydroponic clay balls, either should work fine for Pothos as their roots are happy in just the 'aerated' water... But some plants will prefer a more nutrient rich substrate in that case you can line the baskets with nylons and fill... If you go to Walmart and walk around the ladies nylon area there is usually and end cap of 'knee highs' in little plastic bags or even sometimes gumball containers for 50 cents a pair, if you cut and tie them you can probably get 4 or more pot liners per stocking so 8 liners for 50 cents... Then fill the pots with an over the counter aquarium plant substrate or some organic potting soil, and/or sand (or sand clay) with an aquarium nutrient spike...

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