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Thread: Review "Top hat grommets"

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    Review "Top hat grommets"

    "Top hat grommets" i got mine from ebay
    3/4" grommets used for 1/2" PVC
    Tested on 5 gal bucket lid "twice"

    cheap, easy to use,

    Will not hold under pressure or vacuum. (it leaks)

    May work with thicker material

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    Might want to try Uniseals? Similar in design but I believe they might work better as they expand out quite a bit when you ram the PVC in as long as the hole size is correct... They can be had on Ebay reasonable with decent shipping charges...

    Sort of that you might have to go with traditional bulkheads, just pay attention to their design as some only allow pipe from one end be it threaded or slip, while others allow pipe from both ends but can be any combination of threaded or slip on either or end...

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