Has anyone made a slide top recently? I know there are a ton of various vids of ppl using glass, polycarbonate stuff, plexiglass you name it...

I believe it was lowes that will cut glass for you, please correct me if Im wrong.... but also which material do you guys have the best results with?

The only catch is I need to be able to drill a hole in the back end of it, I use a few saftey mechanics on my autotopoffs and even on my nondrilled drip systems... the final line of defense against overflows is a float valve on my main incoming line... so if all else fails and water starts creeping higher than it should be I have a final shut off.

As some of you may know I am paranoid Click here to enlarge

Anyway I was considering a sliding top, with a hole in the back for me to attach my floatvalve to, also possibly a hole in the front for feedings so I dont need to open it always.

So that said what kind of setup would you guys recommend? I was considering 1/8th inch glass cut to size with moulding to use to hold it in place.