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Thread: DIY China Cabinet

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    DIY China Cabinet

    I want to build a Paludarium out of a china cabinet or some thing like that and pond seal the insides to and bottom, build my sump in the bottom half of the cabinet and would like to put between 30 to 50 g of water in there would love what people think Ideas for it Please and tank you. It will need a lot of custom work but would look great. I want to hide 95 of the equipment in the under part has well. Was thinking of using Liquid Rubber for ponds to water proof the insides Click here to enlarge Click here to enlargeClick here to enlarge

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    I don't believe you will find a china cabinet that it built strong enough to withstand the pressure of a tank, especially areas like that back that are just tacked on flake board or even cardboard in most modern builds... Not saying it can't be done, but you will probably end up building an entirely new cabinet inside the existing one, as well as adding more structural support in the lower half to hold the water... It might be easier to just sturdy up the structure in the lower part to hold the weight and build a custom glass tank that slides into the cabinet and allows for the existing doors to close and give the illusion...

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