So I have seen the DIY videos Joey has made for regular stands and with his one breeding rack video he really didn't go step by step. All I really want to do is build a 3 shelf rack at least 20 inches front to back, 40 or 42 inches wide and about 60 inches high for 10 gallon breeders maybe some 20 high gallon tank as well.

Now I have never worked with wood what so ever and I was at home depot trying to visualize what I wanted to do however I was just completely over whelmed.... also couldn't find anything that states wood screws either for drilling.... I was looking at there storage racks as well but didn't feel confident in there strength...

So I understand the frame you build for the bottom and I guess you would replicate that for every shelf you would want? Would I use 1 whole 60inch high 2x4 for should I cut every one for height at each shelf?

Eventually once the stand is built I want to have a tub with prepared water that would have a pump to push water upwards into a pvc pipe and then trickle down from the pvc pipes through air tubing or into the tanks to fill them. For the drain I don't want to drill the tanks so I would be doing PVC overflows however I'm struggling to figure out a way to somehow connect all those hoses coming from those pvc overflows to a central location as I can use gravity for the water to come down however, for the traveling distance I think the water would just get stuck in the hoses and not travel the distance I would need.

If you need more clarification let me know. Thank You