Hi Everyone

I have a spare eheim 1262 sitting in my basement, was going to use it in a sump, but dont want to drill my new tank.

I was thinking of putting it in the bottom of a bucket to copy someones design that I have seena bout 5 gallon bucket filters. Problem is, I don't really want to cut the cord, or drill an additional hole in the bucket (However, I will do this if its best). I was thinking of just taking a bucket with a gamma seal lid, drill the bucket on the bottom (for water return from tank to bucket) and mount the 1262 pump on the outside on top of the bucket similar to the eheim 2250.

Does this idea sound like a good one? Why haven't i seen this on other people's diy filter ideas?

Last question is about heat production... since the 1262 is using up electricity, i realize some people find that pumps generate heat which changes their tank temp... Would the 1262 raise the temperature much at all in the submerged bucket? If it is significant, would it be enough to allow me to turn down the level on my heater?