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Thread: Cement vs spray foam for rock like background

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    Cement vs spray foam for rock like background

    After being away from the hobby for many years I am coming back and need a bit of expert advice, I got a decent 125 gallon tank pretty cheap, cleaned it up and all looks great, built a ridiculously strong stand with 8 4 x 4 s and 2x6 s and am in the process of creating Joey's brilliant led light system, after already doing his bucket canister filter.
    Now is the background issue, I would love to do the cement styrofoam background but as per Joey's advice find that countless water changes for up to eight weeks tough to pull off as I don't have a backup tank nor much space for one.
    I saw a background build where spray styrofoam insulation material was used, large amounts of sand added while wet, and caves also created. This looked pretty good too. This build said to use spray polyurethane as a sealant for the whole project and waiting several days for the poly to cure.
    It occurred to me that it might be possible to make Joey's wonderful cement version, wait several days, then poly the cement version to seal everything.
    Has anyone tried this speed up version or had any other speed up version suggestions for Joey's cement version. I inherited a couple of pretty nice fish and don't want to kill them off through some wreckless stupidity. Simply put I need some advice on how to proceed for a safe yet quality build

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    As I posted in the other thread, cement takes 30 days to cure, you should not clear coat it until that 30 days has passed or you risk trapping in moisture that can cause the clear coat to fail...

    In regards to spray foam, it works nice to build up a shape, but you then have to deal with the fact that foam likes to float Click here to enlarge

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