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Thread: Breeding platies and diy

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    Breeding platies and diy

    I was wondering about breeding platies and how can diy help me? I know petco has a dollar per gallon sale and have an eye on a fifty five gallon tank which would fit on my stand I have. I am also hoping to aquascape it with real plants but first I need to get the tank. What would I need to start breeding platies?

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    After you have cycled the new tank..................just add Platies...............they will do the rest Click here to enlarge

    It's been my experience that Platies are probably one of the easiest live breeders you can have. If you are like I was years ago, you'll have more fry than you can keep up with......

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    All livebearers are easy to breed, should not be a hassle. I got swirdtails cant say much for platies but yeh not doing anything special. For higher survival rate of the fry u need LOTS of hiding spaces since the parents will eat them.

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