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Thread: 40 Gallon Background Build

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    40 Gallon Background Build

    I am working on my first background build... I may be in over my head but here it goes!
    Small Background.png

    On the roof of the big cave I have a hole with a screen in it which will open up to a "reservoir" where my heater and filter will be:

    On the picture below, the "reservoir" is on top. That top edge of the background is what will be attached to the back of the tank.

    On the bottom of the background you can see my first airline which will be coming out of my rocks. There will be another sheet of styrofoam attached to the bottom of this to hide the hose. It will exit the tank through the "reservoir". Kind of hard to explain at this point without pictures. (You can also see the roof of the cave with the screened in hole leading to the "reservoir").

    I plan on using Quikrete with a red and brown dye to give it a kind of sand stone look and a light brown sand for the bottom when this is all said and done. I know this is still very crude... so hopefully it all works out!

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    Click here to enlarge

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    Click here to enlarge keep at it

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