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Thread: Ok another question about discus fish

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    Ok another question about discus fish

    How do I make them to eat ?

    I bought 4 pairs of growing discus and put them in a 50 gallon tank.

    And the next day I put shrimp (raw shrimp without hust) meat for their food.
    But they don't seem eating .
    Some of them just tapping it n that's all.
    Did I do something wrong ?

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    Find out what the store/breeder was feeding em, and start with that. It'll probably something like red worms or tubifex worms. Try chopping the shrimp and pulling into shreds. Discus don't really tear food apart (think piranha), they're more the "swallow what fits in my mouth" type.

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    Have you tried flakes or pellet?

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